Entry #1

Pico Day Game

2008-03-30 23:39:41 by British-Boy

my return to Newgrounds...why not?

so, yea...i started work on it this past weekend, building the basic classes and scripts for a Pico-based game. it doesn't have a name right now, and only possibly has a story line...but it has Pico! (and possibly tank men) Hopefully ill get it done on time and coherently, and be able to submit it (a first in a 4 year absence)

being as i've only just dipped my fingers into the AS3 pie, this would/will be my first key-board controlled AS3 game. i just have to find enough time between classes and work to put it together by Pico day...because to be honest one of the reasons im doing this is a shot at the money...

if no money, then hey, good experience and another game for my portfolio.

(also i took the liberty of designing this page up good)
check out mah website: mercury-studios.com
and mah blog? bloHG


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2008-03-31 03:26:26

Woo, you seem to have been here a long time. Good luck with that game!


2008-04-09 18:39:20

Pico is teh lol


2008-04-30 17:27:03

its very sweet!